6 Don'ts When Dating A Sugar Momma

Dating A Sugar MommaSugar mommas are wealthy, older women who like to keep younger men as sugar babies in exchange for favorable company or sexual favors. Sugar babies, also known as “toy boys,” are paid in exchange for their charm and charisma.

Some are taken out to dinner while others receive fancy clothes, apartments, or cars. If you are a young man between the ages of 18 and 25, you might be wondering how to keep a sugar momma happy. The following are 6 things you should never do when dating a sugar momma.

1. Never Let The Age Gap Be A Problem

Sugar mommas are not oblivious of the fact that they are much older than you. They love dating younger guys because it makes them feel younger and more alive. If you make comments that let her feel like the age gap between you and her is a problem, she will lose interest fast. Never let her feel like she could be your mother or your grandmother! Pay attention to her cues and talk about things that make her happy. Don’t ask about her past but instead, talk about things she is interested in. If someone makes a comment while you are out together, be the man and keep your chin up.

2. Never Be Disrespectful

Always be respectful to her, she is a wealthy powerful woman and deserves to be treated right. Sugar mommas choose to date younger men to feel marvelous. Therefore, they don't want to be put down by their toy boys.

Remember to give her compliments, especially about what she has put the most effort on. Never answer back to her in a disrespectful manner, especially in public. She has you on her arm to feel amazing and it’s your job to maintain that. She can fight with her ex-husband or co-workers but that is not your role.

3. Don't Act Like A Gold Digger

Sugar mommas like to pay younger men to go out on the town and have sexual relations with them. What they don't appreciate is being taken advantage of. Both of you already know that you might be in it for the money, but it's better to not shine the light on that all the time.

If she feels that you always talk about the money you want from her, it will make you lose sugar baby charm. Simply avoid talking about money. She is going to give it to you anyway. You don’t need to go asking for it.

4. Never Say NO

When you first start dating a sugar momma, make sure she knows what your life is like. If you are a student, tell her when your classes are. If you have a part time job, tell her what the hours are like. This way, she will know when you are available to be called upon.

If she calls to ask you out on Friday for dinner and some drinks at her place, simply say YES. Even if you already had plans with your mates, make her needs your top priorty and change your previous plan. She's in charge, not you.

5. Don't Act Like A Whiny Baby

Sugar mommas want toy boys, not crying whiny babies. They might already have children of their own and you are the last person they want to be mothering. They might not even want children at all, so why would they pay you to be a little brat.

Be a man, stand up straight and make her feel amazing by your side. If you feel bad about something from outside your sugar relationship, just keep it to yourself. If she notices that something is wrong, put a brave face and power through.

6. Don't Let Your Good Looks Slip

Never meet up with her in your old sweatpants and dirty shirt. She isn't paying you to be a bum so always look good for her. Only grow a beard if she likes it, and if so, keep it nice and neat with good beard oil.

Also, remember to use nice and crisp clothes, in your style of course, but always looking your best. Keep your haircut the way she likes it. If she wants you to look a certain way when you see her, do your best to please her. She’s probably paying for those new clothes anyway.

Now you know what never to do if you want to have an amazing relationship with a sugar momma. Being a sugar boy can be lots of fun and you can get lots out of it. Just make sure she is getting what she wants. That’s the main point of the whole thing in the end.