How Does A Sugar Momma Dating Relationship Work?

Sugar Momma Dating RelationshipAs somebody who is interested in sugar momma dating, you might be a little confused as to how the entire process actually works. Finding a relationship of this kind can be easy thanks to the internet but keeping it is a little more complicated. While it is might not be a conventional relationship, there are some things that are the same while some things are obviously going to be different. Let's have a quick rundown on these differences and also some familiarities that you might already be used to.

How does sugar momma dating work?

Sugar momma dating is basically when an older woman spoils you in return for your company. It's basically a relationship where you get paid either with gifts, extravagant dates or money. There are many reasons why women decide to become sugar mommas whether that be the fact they are bored in their relationship, they are tired of being single or they just want a good looking man on their arm. One similarity to real relationships is that sugar mommas want your attention although this might be less frequent than the type you would give if you were dating for real.

One of the main things people wonder about sugar momma dating is the sex aspect of things. Most sugar mommas will want sex from the guys they are dating but every situation is different of course. Providing you are happy with having sex with your clients, then you should definitely go for it. Having sex allows you to get the good side of a relationship, without any of the hassles like arguments.etc. Not all sugar mommas will want sex, some want other kinds of affection like hugs and kisses or even just somebody to talk to.

Feelings are obviously something that is different in a sugar momma relationship to a conventional one. You should definitely find a woman that you LIKE but the feelings are going to be less intense than that of a truly natural romantic relationship. Hopefully, an attraction will be there but there will be no intensity of the "where is this relationship going" chat because you both know what this is. That's not to say that nobody has ever fallen in love with their sugar momma because that has likely happened but that is definitely not the main goal when you enter into this relationship and it's definitely not considered the norm.

Many people wonder if they can have more than one sugar momma at a time. Unless a woman actually tells you she wants to be exclusive, there is no reason why you can't have more than one sugar momma if you can fit them into your life. After all, more sugar mommas means more rewards on your side of things. However, be open about what you are doing so you can keep the relationship as honest as possible. Some sugar mommas will want you all to themselves and this requires a lot of your time, decide if this is right for you before you agree and if not, you can keep looking.

What to keep in mind

Sugar momma dating has no set "rules", that is up to you talk things through with the woman who you dating. You might be having sex, you might be seeing each other twice a month or it could be a couple of times a week! The great thing about websites that have been set up purely to find sugar mommas, is you get ample time to talk things through before you meet in person. You can chat and even set up a list of "rules" that you are happy with. Be sure to take the time to find an arrangement that suits you, there are lots of sugar mommas out there so you don't need to go with the first one that gives you some attention.


Be sure to make the most of your sugar momma relationship and just have fun with it. Most of the differences in this kind of coupling is going to be beneficial for you as a man but they will take some getting used to of course. Providing you are open and honest while not crossing the "romantic relationship" boundary, everything should work out nicely.