How To Spot Red Flags On Sugar Momma Sites

Sugar Momma SitesThere are lots of sugar momma websites out to that help you meet genuine women wanting a mutually beneficial relationship that you can both enjoy. Although these websites do their best to verify the fact that members are legit, there are some scammers that unfortunately slip through the net and will try to fool you. When sugar momma dating, you can look out for the following signs that a member is not being genuine. If you are unlucky enough to run into a disingenuous member, keep in mind that there are plenty of genuine women wanting something real.

1. She won't chat on webcam

If you are talking to somebody who is who they claim to be in their photos, what reason would they have not to show themselves on webcam? After talking for a while on the website of your choice, propose taking things up a notch by chatting on camera. If she comes with excuses not to do this, it should ring big alarm bells in your head. Everybody has a laptop/computer where it is easy to install Skype, or you can even do webcam chat on your phone nowadays. A rich older woman would definitely have an array of technological devices at their fingertips too.

2. She seems a little too good to be true

Sure there are millionaires on sugar momma dating sites but if she is offering you a little TOO much but isn't even asking for much in return, this could be too good to be true. People who scam pretending to be sugar mommas often come up with crazy lies about their lives too. If she is always telling you some kind of story that seems a little out of this world, then it probably is. You can get a genuine vibe for someone when you have been talking for some time so take notice of what your head is telling you. In addition to the words, she says perhaps her pictures are a little too perfect? While some sugar mommas are pretty attractive, they are likely not going to look like a model. You can actually run a reverse image search on Google which will show you whether a picture is uploaded anywhere else on the internet which means you can find the original source.

3. She asks YOU for money

A sugar momma would have absolutely no reason to ask you for money. She might come up with some reason why she needs to borrow money for a little while including hers being tied up in stocks, assets.etc. The truth is, if a sugar momma is on this kind of website - she is the one looking to spend money so she wouldn't need it from you. Often, she will not ask you for money right away, most scammers will sweeten you up and try to get you emotionally invested before they unleash their sneaky trick. If she asks you for money, say no and report her to the site that you are on.

4. She always bails out of meeting up

If you are lucky enough to find a sugar momma in your area, meeting up would be the next step of course. Scammers will do everything they can not to meet you. If a woman cancels a meeting once, then you can give her the benefit of the doubt - after all life happens! However, if she is doing it again and again with her excuses getting more elaborate along the way, the likelihood is that she is a scammer playing some kind of game.


So many people find sugar mommas online and it's definitely a good portal in getting what you want in terms of a different kind of relationship. The internet can always be pretty risque, however, so you should have your guard up slightly particularly before you meet face to face. If you detect a combination of the mentioned signs or your gut instinct tells you that something is wrong, hit that block button and move onto the next one. One of the main steps you can take in ensuring you find a genuine sugar momma is to join a website that has great reviews because this probably means that it is more reliable.